Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Engagement Ring Shopping

When my husband and I went shopping for diamond engagement rings, we spent some time looking at a few stores online and in the shops. I got very frustrated with the options because I often would like a style in some ways but, not in others. I knew that there were certain cuts that I didn't like, and certain wedding bands that I didn't like, etc.

In some ways I liked the diamond eternity rings, I also thought it might be best to pick engagement rings design your own, which we did end up doing through a particular store. I wanted my husband to be involved in the process as well to make it special. Sometimes the man just picks the ring and sometimes the woman picks what she wants. I wanted it to be a joint process and it made it all the more special to me that the design and shape of the stone was just that, a joint effort.

I know many men will consider this holiday season as the one to propose to their ladies, my only suggestion would be to listen to what she wants and likes. Try to keep a mental note of that. Look for the best deals and try not to pay retail for a ring when you can get a beautiful ring at a great price if you do your homework!


Fran said...

I am not sure if you are having a giveaway for I got you of another site. If so will you please enter me and if not you can keep me up to date on your sales. F Major at yahoo dot com

Melanie said...

this is not a giveaway, just an informational post. Also you can probably sign up for a newsletter through their site to get up to date info :)