Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ginsu Knives Equal Love! has some amazing stuff! From kitchenware, rugs, curtains,shoes, you name it. They've got a lot of it. I have had the opportunity to work with them a few times and they are always helpful and professional.

I am super excited to talk about the Ginsu knives I received from the site. I cook A LOT for my family and have had dull knives for a long time. We finally bought a *cheap* knife set because I was desperately needing some and didn't really have money at the time for really good ones.

I ordered the Ginsu space saver set which allows you to mount the knife holder on the wall in your kitchen if you desire, or to sit it upright. The first night I received the knives I hand washed them and used them to prepare our dinner. This sounds so cheesy but, I was as in love with a knife as you can be. If you've ever tried to cut vegetables and meat with super dull or badly serrated knives you'll know what I'm talking about. I watch cooking shows all the time and they always have amazingly sharp and precise knives. I was jealous of those knives.

The Ginsu knives of course remind me of the old commercials where it would cut a tomato and then through a pipe! I like that the serrated edges aren't jagged, they are sharp and don't "tear" through the meat. I love that there's a chef knife that doesn't have any serrated edges and cuts like butter into whatever I chop. I really am having fun in the kitchen again, especially since I don't own a food processor and need to chop all by hand!

Go check out, search anything you're interested in, I guarantee you'll find something!