Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Personal Microderm-Review

In the last month I've had a chance to receive and review an at home microdermabrasion system. This is a personal use product that is suggested to use in lieu of spa treatments or as a way to upkeep your skin.

I have used this product three times, so it has given me a chance to see how my skin feels and allowed me a chance to get more comfortable giving myself the treatment. I can honestly say, I've seen in a big difference in my skins texture!

I am like a lot of women, my skin is changing after having a child and getting older. I have had some form of acne since I got hormones and it hasn't subsided as an adult. I have scarring from the acne and I have freckling/sun damaged areas as well. I have dry patches as well as oily patches and it's really hard to exfoliate my skin completely with scrubs, etc. I have the standard T zone oiliness as well.

The Personal Microderm after three treatments gave me a few results that were surprising. After an initial sensitivity, I felt a very smooth surface of skin on my face. My skin did want to absorb the moisture of my moisturizer better and the toner I used did make my skin discomfort away pretty quickly. After two to three treatments, I saw a dramatic result in the softness as well as my pores. I often have blackheads in the cheek by my nose as well as around my nose. That has almost been completely eliminated and all of my other pores are cleaner and smaller too. I asked my husband if he noticed the softer skin, and he said "yes, definitely". Lastly, my sun damage is starting to fade some after the three treatments also.

When using the product, it takes a bit to get used to. Most of us are not trained in how to use the Personal Microderm. This unit comes with a great DVD as a guide, but you really have to learn hands on. It wasn't as easy as it looked at first because you're trying to get the contours of your face with the tool and not scrape your face too hard. The suction aspect is a little jarring at first because it pulls at your skin while the discs exfoliate. This is essentially "sanding" off the top layers of dead skin. For most of us, it will take a couple of uses before we feel comfortable using it on all areas of the face.

Here is a basic breakdown of my experience with this product:

-good price for treatment type
-skin is noticeably smoother right away
-pores minimized
-more even skin tone overall
-fairly easy to use
-comes with instructional DVD and a few different discs
-easy to keep clean and store

-discs are only good for about three treatments
-takes some getting used to
-If you want to purchase the whole regimen or many other added moisturizers, etc it can be expensive

As you can see, this does have many wonderful benefits to long lasting and rewarding skin care from home. I attempted to take photos of my before and after but, unfortunately my camera isn't working properly. What I could tell was that in similar light, my dark patches were getting lighter and my skin was much more even.

*Personal Microderm was received free in order to do a review. No monetary compensation received*