Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July Already?

Well, it's Summertime which has been official here for awhile now. Us Arizonans, especially those in the Phoenix metro know how to do Summer! My daughter is three and a half now and has been going through some three year old phases. She is very sassy often, she tests me often, and has a very strong will. I don't expect any less of her though to be honest. She has two very headstrong parent's and it's probably only natural that she be the same.

We celebrated the Fourth of July at my Brother's annual party. We always have tons of fun with family and friends and it's one of my favorite times of year. My step son has been coming for week long visits which has been nice because during the school year we aren't able to see much of him. He lives primarily with his Mom. Kaia just loves her Brother!

My girl got to go on a trip with one of her Aunt's and her cousin. She went to San Diego and did great! This is her first trip for enjoyment without either of us and thankfully she did a great job and had a blast. The only other time she has been away from us like that is when my mom passed away. I had to get a last minute flight out and wasn't able to purchase a ticket for her. She went my with Brother and his family and did really well for her first time away from us altogether. I on the other hand was a basket case. My husband couldn't come and I was separated from my daughter for the first time. Difficult times but, I got through it.

I can't deal with the heat so needless to say, I don't go out unless there's water of some sort for the kids and lots of shade. Summertime in Phoenix is for me is probably like long winter's somewhere else. I don't go out much, only when I have to. It's miserable when you're out and so I try to do things indoors as much as possible.

Kaia is gearing up to do her very first Bible school and she is pretty excited about it. She doesn't really know what to expect but, likes the sound of things ha ha. I think it will be really neat for her to experience.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Stay in the shade and keep cool everyone.


The Jacobsen Family! said...

Gotta love our wonderful summers! LOL! Seeing the pics of Kaia at the beach with J & Z made me ready to go. If only... =)
Excited about VCS! Will you be there to help? =)

Melanie said...

yeah, I can come and help

Scentsy said...

I was in Phoenix during July and it was the hottest temperature I have ever experienced. It was 114 degrees. Wow! Stay cool!