Monday, June 7, 2010

CSN Stores Review

I recently posted a teaser post about reviewing an item from CSN stores. Well, I'm about to tell you about my experience ordering, and receiving merchandise from them. I recently had a chance to spend a certain dollar amount at any of their stores, which I can attest is a HUGE selection of items. CSN offers many different items and subjects. I live in Arizona so I spend at least half of my year in sandals. I needed a new pair so instead of going crazy, I thought I would order and review an everyday item that people would want to hear about.

CSN currently has over 200 stores online full of items. They were friendly and accommodating. I had some trouble with my coupon code, and my contact processed my order for me quickly, and efficiently. There are a number of items that have free shipping, I thought that was a huge plus since shipping can really add up!

I ordered a pair of Aerosoles, I've never owned a pair before and I'm gonna give a shout out to them right now because these are amazing shoes. Very comfortable and supportive, especially since I have a pair of flip flop style sandals! This is just one type of name brand item CSN offers it's customers.

The only negative I would have regarding this experience is that I had to go down a list of sandals I liked before I could order in the size and color of my choosing. This may have been isolated, since the Summer is upon us and I have a very popular size of shoe. I found a number of cute sandals I liked but, was unable to order them due to being out of stock. I settled on these which I liked also, and am very pleased with my choice. I can also say the choice was hard because there were so many sandals to choose from. I like the search functions on the site because they allow a person to narrow their search a great deal. Color, size, style, etc. is awesome for a person that has something in particular in mind.

Overall, a great experience between my previous giveaway and the review I've been able to do this time! They are a great company to work with.