Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vacationing Myrtle Beach

I don't have the winter blues as most have right now. I live in the Phoenix metro area so the temperatures are pretty mild. What I do have is what I like to call "desert blues". We have long, hot Summers. The air is constantly dry and often dusty. We have gotten even less rain that is the norm, so it's been miserable.

I've been begging my husband to go on a vacation for two years. What I would consider a vacation would be a beach, warm and inviting. I want to sit in the sand and feel it between my toes and fingers. I want the weather to be mild and even somewhat cool. That's my idea of a vacation.

I'm tired of Southern California beaches. I've been there a few times now because I live relatively close. I would like to go somewhere new. I've been checking about going possibly to a Myrtle Beach Hotel. I have a few online friends that have vacationed there and it looks amazing! An Oceanfront Myrtle beach hotel would be amazing.

Oceanfront Myrtle beach hotels can be very upscale and luxurious. I think most of us want to be pampered when we are on vacation, I know I do. Maybe my husband will see this post here on my little blog and take the *hint* that I'm trying to give him?


AnnD said...

Living in Indiana, I would take a Southern California beach or a east coast beach any day! Any beach will do!

We don't see them here!

I hope you get to go!