Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting Help For Your Auto Repair Needs

I recently checked out a site to see what the best options for inexpensive, reliable, repairs on our 12 year old car are available.. I am in Phoenix metro area so I needed Phoenix auto repair. I hadn't heard of them before and was pleasantly surprised at all their website has to offer. The site allows you to map out the repair shops nearest your home, it has a page to give reviews on service and to ask common questions about your vehicle to others, and has an Encyclopedia to access all the major common problems with vehicles.

You can access the site for a standard estimate of different repairs like timing belt and water pump replacement, that are specific to your vehicle and location. When getting your quote, it will also list generally what is replaced or repaired as part of the service, and you are able to keep a log of your own vehicle and what recent repairs or services you've had done to the car. There are just so many options on this site!

I had no idea a service like this existed and think it's awesome! I like the fact that there is a "community" option that allows you to talk candidly about your vehicle, especially if you don't know any mechanics or repairmen. Overall, I was pretty impressed at what they have to offer!


Grammy Mouse said...

I prefer to use local people. They usually will be more careful and hardworking, as word of mouth in local community can really hurt them or Help them!
Plus you are helping a local company keep people employed!

You have an award to pick up on my blog!!

hugs, Faythe