Thursday, January 14, 2010

Expressiva Nursingwear Review

I recently had the chance to check out a top from Expressiva Nursingwear. When I nursed my daughter, I didn't have any actual nursing tops. I didn't have a lot of money so I didn't invest in them, although there were a few times I would have loved to have one.

When I received the top I noticed the coloring was a nice pale lavender. I liked the touch of smocking right in the front, a simple detail. The shirt I picked was simple. I like something simple in design because I like to pair t-shirts and tank tops with other items. It makes it easy, especially when nursing. The top also comes with an "under tank" I guess you would say. A thin layer of material that allows for discreet nursing. I love that it still covers you.

The shirt was made of organic cotton and was said to be an XL/1X sized top. It also states that some shrinkage will occur. Most nursing moms will tell you that their breasts swell from a little to A LOT when nursing so they want something that's going to be flattering and comfortable. I used their size guidelines and when I put the shirt on, it barely fit. I know with all shops, there's going to be a different fitting. I was bummed that it barely fit because it doesn't make it easy for nursing. The shirt is clingy, especially with the under tank that allows for discreet nursing. So, if you're going to order from them, a good rule would be to probably order one size larger.

Expressiva carries a number of items that are very convenient for nursing moms. I think the best part is that it's convenient when you have to go out and be fully dressed or when you go to work. You can pump or go home for lunch and nurse your baby. They have dresses, bra's, tops, sleepwear, slings, covers, swimsuits, plus sizes and more. My overall take on this shop is that it carries a large variety of items and most are great for everyday wear!

*thank you to Expressiva for providing a shirt for review*