Monday, December 7, 2009

Safety Tat Review

Safety Tat's are another invention brought on out of necessity. A Mother, Michele Welsh, was concerned for her children while going to an amusement park. She decided to write her phone number on each child as a safety precaution. She became frustrated that she had to re-write the numbers over the course of the day and a few times she was stopped and asked if her children had her phone number on them, and that day an invention was born.

I had a chance to check out both the standard temporary Safety Tat tattoos as well as their newer type, which is the Quick Stick. I was intrigued by the idea of the Safety Tat's purpose, and wanted to see what they were like. I was really impressed that I was able to get a pack of original Safety Tat's pre printed with my phone number. That means that I don't have hurry up and stick it on my daughter with the water, and then write my phone number down on each one.

The pack I received contained a permanent black ink marker, 18 safety tats, a few quick stick safety tats to check out, and a sticker. There are gender specific tats, allergy alerts, and multiple designs. The allergy alerts were genius. If you are going to have a sitter, or someone that isn't familiar with your child, they are a great way for them to know and remember. I think it would be a great idea to even add the medical alerts to their line for children with diabetes, etc.

My main thoughts

At first glance, I wasn't all that interested. After reviewing their site, thinking about the situations that I will be in that would require something like this product, I quickly jumped on the bandwagon. This is definitely a need regarding safety. The only downside is that these stick on really well. So well that the quick stick was pulling my daughter's skin a bit. It stuck like an amazingly sticky bandaid and she wasn't too pleased with my husband taking it off. As with normal temporary tattoos, these will be on for a few days.
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