Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nico And Zoe-Review

I had a chance to review Nico & Zoe, an online children's store filled with whimsical and educational toys for children. The layout of the shop is easy to navigate, there are categories such as Toys Made In USA, pretend, plush items, etc.

I personally had the chance to review a Rubbabu textured play ball with my two year old. It's small, easy to grip, and bounces really well. I like that it had the feel of velvet and had texture to allow easy grip for small hands.

When roaming through the pages of the store, I get the feeling that each and every one of these items has been lovingly chosen for the children they're selling to. Almost as if they can see the child playing with the item. I absolutely love the fact that these toys are imagination moving, often brightly colored, and that they use artisan products in their mix!

Their tag line is "uncommon and artisan made toys". I like that most of these are simple, and often educational. In a time when toys have all the literal bells and whistles you can stand, I am drawn to the more educational and imagination teaching toys for my almost three year old. She is at a critical stage where imagination is growing and thriving and needs to be nurtured.

I would say, if you're looking for something special, if you're interested in promoting handmade, if you're interested in toys made in the USA, or if you're interested in fostering your child's imagination go to Nico & Zoe and look around. You may find something to fall in love with.

*this is not a paid post, thank you Nico & Zoe for allowing my child to review a Rubbabu ball