Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eco Store Review

I recently got to review a couple of products from Eco Store, products made in New Zealand. I chose the Baby Wash and the Oxygen Whitening powder for laundry. I've been using them a few weeks now and wanted to share some thoughts.

Baby Wash

Aromatherapy wash made with all natural ingredients. I personally like the smell. It smells "natural" and plant derived which it is. It has a mild lather and rinses easily without leaving a film or residue. Currently, it's winter and we also live in the desert. This is the time when my daughters eczema flares. She gets patches on different spots on her body, she hasn't had any problems or reactions while using this wash. This wash isn't very moisturizing so at this point, it would be the only downside. It doesn't contain petrochemicals, laureth sulfates, popylene glycol, dyes, artificial perfumes, and no parabens. They do not test on animals, which is another wonderful benefit to their products.

As a mom, I like of course the fact that these artificial and harmful ingredients aren't in this baby wash. I also like that a little goes a long way.

Pure Oxygen Whitener

I received the whitener and the baby wash at the same time. I've been able to do multiple loads of laundry with this to get the full effect. This whitener is natural and made with mineral salts and plant ingredients derived from coconut and citrus. This product was developed to be a safer alternative to chlorine bleach. It's safe for septic also.

The directions ask you to dissolve first in warm water and then add to your wash to prevent it from reacting to the clothing too soon. I did that and added my washing powder. I noticed an immediate difference in my husbands white T shirts and socks. After a few more washes, the clothes are getting even brighter. Their claim that it works effectively and safely is true. I also like that this is incredibly economical.

Eco Store was voted New Zealand's "Sustainable Business Of The Year" in which they are very proud. They are dedicated to the environment and safety of the people using their products.

*thank you Eco Store for giving me the baby wash and oxygen whitener to try out*


EDRing said...

I would get a couple of their soaps, the Vanilla & the Lemongrass. Then I would like some of the Vanilla shampoo.


lezanac said...

I would pick their auto dishwasher powder and laundry liquid lezanac@yahoo.com