Monday, December 14, 2009

Come On 2010!

Without going into too much detail or sounding like a whiny brat, I'm just gonna say I'm SO ready for the new year. More than I have been in a very long time! The year started off pretty much the same. Lots of hope, watching my daughter be a two year old, and planning on buying a new home.

Midway through the year, things came crashing around me and have steadily done so. There's gonna be some "clean up" time required. I'm OK with that. I'm trying to see where God wants me to be. That's always important!

I'm thankful for what I have, and try everyday not to forget it. I haven't been much into the Christmas spirit this year, as a matter of fact, I've spent so much time with everything else that it has crept on me like no other!

My little girl is going to be three, December 26Th. Her precocious and charming little self is keeping me busy too. Life is moving on. I think many people are getting a "cleansing" so to speak of their physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. It's not always fun. Relationships with key people are changing too. That's not always fun!

My hope for the new year coming is that my relationships are stronger with everyone, primarily my God. That my home comes together more cohesively, since we are going to be in it for awhile. That our financial state gets better(who doesn't?), and that we are blessed with one more child to complete our family.

Do you look forward to the new year?


eastonsmom said...

I like the way you refer to it as a time of cleaning. We all need that and you're right it isn't usually fun at all. I am looking forward to the new year and hoping I use it to improve myself in all aspects of my life. You and your family will be in my prayers.

Melanie said...

thanks Bec!