Saturday, November 14, 2009

Conversations With Kaia

Here is just some randomness that my daughter has been saying. I may even need to add to this as I remember or do a weekly bit of it ha ha.

I wake up and am still half asleep. My daughter and her attitude are raring to go. She asks to color so I get her stuff so I can wake up and she can be entertained. She looks at me and says "I don't put my colors on the floor" and says "noooo" very silly. I say, "no you don't dump all your colors out". She looks right into my eyes and proceeds to dump the bag of color crayons all over the floor. After telling her "no!" and putting her in her room, I hear her grab her play phone.

"ring sound" "Hi Grandma, I in trouble. I put colors all over the floor! Something incoherent, and then OK bye bye"

How can you not laugh at that? Ha ha. I wish my mom could get calls like this too! She would've laughed her butt off.

"Mommy, I need medicine for my eyes"
"Kaia you don't need medicine and I don't have any for your eyes"
"Mommy I need medicine for my eyes, my tummy hurts!"
"No Kaia, you're not sick and you don't need medicine"

One that made me sad was her asking to talk to her Nana, which is my Mother who passed away in July. She hasn't asked to talk to her in months.

Kaia has been wanting to talk to people on the phone more now and has been talking up a storm. Granted, the people on the other end only catch about half of what she's saying but, I get a kick out of it because I know what she's trying to say and what she's been up to. Her language has gone through another recent explosion adding a lot more words and phrases. She is too precocious!


The Jacobsen Family! said...

Cute =)

eastonsmom said...

Too cute! I have to laugh at the stuff kids her age come up with.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I love it when babies become verbal. My two year old is so much fun now.