Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hey All-Avon Calling!!

So, I'm officially a representative of a company that has been empowering women for generations! Between being in the beauty industry, fund raising, independent businesses, and women's causes, Avon's been there.

I'm actually really excited and it's not something I really planned. I wanted to be part of something I would be willing and grateful to be a part of. Avon has been around since 1886 and has grown into a financial powerhouse by the independent sales people that help make it what it is.

I haven't bought Avon in a few years but, am grateful now to be able to have part of the business online. You can order directly online, have it shipped to your home, and not deal with a middle woman if you so choose.

Take a look at all the wonderful things Avon has in store for the holiday season 2009. You'll be glad you did!