Friday, October 23, 2009

Freaky Friday-Naked Man Arrested In Own Home

I'm reminded of "ugly naked guy" on Friends lately, when I look outside my bedroom window to see my neighbor two doors down. He stands, smoking a cigarette on his back porch. He is a portly, middle aged, fellow. He is in his own backyard, and he is completely nude.

Obviously this is something I don't want to see and never tried to see. Thankfully he is far enough away from me that I didn't have to see any details, if you know what I mean! Even with that, I would talk to him if there was a problem. I would ask him to change his ahem, attire if young children were affected, etc. before I involved authorities.

That's partly why I was surprised when I saw in the news that a man had been arrested in Virginia for being naked in his own kitchen! Honestly, I don't even know how you can be arrested for being in your own kitchen naked. How is this freaky? Hmm. It is MY RIGHT to be naked in my house if I so choose. The circumstances around this are equally ridiculous. The man was making coffee in his kitchen early in the morning. He was alone in his own home and a woman and her young son were cutting through his yard from a nearby path. A little later he was arrested. The police claim that he intentionally wanted people to see him. Are you kidding? Really? Even if he did, a woman cutting through his yard shouldn't have been the one to notice him really early in the morning. The whole street should have seen him. This is disturbing to me. And, it should be disturbing to everyone that your right of privacy can be interpreted in any way if you have an indiscretion like having your curtain slightly open. UGH.



anname210 said...

Never mind that she was trespassing on his lawn in the first place, and that is why she saw him. HE should press charges against HER.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

I agree with anname above! I also agree with you in that it is SCARY that he was arrested for something like that. Makes me mad.
As for your eyefull... UGH!! So sorry! Hope Kai never sees that!