Thursday, September 10, 2009

Freaky Friday-Life Gem

My sister-in-law posted this recently on her blog and I totally stole it! I think I may have seen this at one time and blocked it out. ha ha. There is a company called Life Gem that creates lab created diamonds in a variety of colors out of your loved ones ashes.

My dad passed away in 2005 very suddenly and my Mom just passed away this year, almost two months ago. I'm already in the shoes of someone that has lost someone very close to them. I tried to see myself wearing a gem created from the carbon of my loved ones. I couldn't. Perhaps it's my belief system. That we are created from dust and return to dust. That our souls are gone once our body dies. Perhaps it's a morbid thought to me?

When my Mom was handed to me in a red velveteen box, my heart sunk as if there were two tons on my chest. When we said goodbye to her at the coast, in no way did I want to deal with the ashes, the whole box had to go into the water. So, I guess my thought process is the same.
Besides the very steep price, I guess the idea doesn't appeal to me.

I can see people wanting this as an option and that it could be a very wonderful experience for some. I've seen some people grieve so deeply their losses, that something from their deceased loved one is always around them for comfort.

If you are this type of person, they may be the right service for you.

**these are my opinions solely and do not reflect any real life contact, or bad service received from the Life Gem company. I was not paid for this opinion**


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