Friday, July 10, 2009

Freaky Friday-Survival Story

I'm posting this because I've often wondered if shows like Man Vs. Wild and Survivor would help people in the midst of their own attempt of survival. Recently a young boy did just that. He was lost in Utah's Ashley National Forest after being separated from his family. The boy, Grayson Wynne, says he was helped through his ordeal by himself with the help of the show Man Vs. Wild.

Grayson says he tore up pieces of his raincoat and tying them to trees. He said he tore so many pieces he couldn't count. He left himself a way to find his way back and for people to find him. He followed the creek, left a granola bar wrapper, and a backpack as well for clues.
Two people on horseback found him in a field while he was trying to wave down a helicopter.

Thank goodness for him being returned safely, and educational television!


Marina said...

I've thought about that a lot as well, does anyone learn anything they can use if they get stranded somewhere. It is nice to know that he could use those skills he saw, and that he was found safely in the end.