Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rosy Baby/Sling Carrier Review

When I contacted Rose, I was very curious to see how the slings she carried were made, and enjoyed the fabrics that were chosen for the line of slings she has in her shop. It was a pleasure working with her, she is very amicable and helpful. I explained my body shape to her and she sent me a sling suggestion that has worked out very well for me!

I am new to this sling business. I desperately wanted one for my daughter who is now two, when she was born. I had one but, it was a cheap, mass produced one that later had some recalls. I wasn't able to hold her close to my body, nurse her, or do things hands free really because the ring would slip and it hung too low on my body.

When I received the Baby Sling-Hybrid I was pleasantly surprised by how well the sling was made and put together. This is a ring sling, the benefits of which are being able to adjust it quite a bit. It is made with a sateen material which does in fact, feel like soft "bedsheets". It is a hybrid of a pouch and sling in one, and comes with a closed sling tail. Traditional open tail slings are a lot more adjustable but, I really had no problem cinching it up or letting it out. I have a large bosom so comfort is a big deal for me, there is plenty of material and stretchiness in the fabric to make this an incredibly comfortable sling.

The rails of the sling are lightly padded to go up against baby's leg. The shoulder area of the sling is also lightly padded to help with pressure distribution. I really liked that feature as I was holding my 25 pound daughter in a hip carrying position. She felt secure, the weight felt distributed well, and she really enjoyed being carried around by mama.

The site also includes a very informative "how to" page which is especially helpful for newbies like myself. There are so many ways to carry your baby and toddler. There is a sling comparison page that shows you what different carriers are used for to help you pick out the one most suitable for yourself. This site was a complete package for me regarding a baby sling. Oh, and did I mention super affordable?


The Jacobsen Family! said...

Sounds great! Glad you'll have one for baby #2!!