Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Weekend

I had a perfectly lovely weekend. My husband and I hung out Friday night and watched a movie and just spent time reconnecting. Saturday, he worked early and my daughter and I stayed home and just lazed around the house. We took a nap for a bit and then Hubby, Kai, and I went shopping for his Birthday present and my Mother's Day/Birthday present. I didn't find the thing I wanted just yet but, he got a nice watch. The last watch he got was a wedding present from me in 2005.

I went to church in the morning while hubby went to work. My daughter and I enjoyed the morning listening to the sermon and then eating a wonderful meal prepared by the men of our church. After a yummy lunch and visiting with some friends, I went to visit a mommy friend who has fallen on some tough times lately. It was her first Mother's day this year. I enjoyed talking with and seeing her darling little girl.

Overall, it was a relaxing weekend and I got to spend it with my own little girl. What Mother's day is all about. I am a blessed woman and thankful for my little girl!


bearer of three said...

im glad you had a great mothers day was a little kids wanted to test my patients yesterday but in return they got punished for they are usually very well behaived kids but as everyone else does they have there moments