Thursday, May 14, 2009

Freaky Friday-Snake Phobia Justified

A man in Taiwan sat down to use the toilet and was greeted by a snake bite to his genitals. He felt the bite and immediately stood up to see what had happened. Apparently, a black and yellow snake was coiled up in his toilet.

The man was treated for minor injuries and is being watched for infection. The local news apparently showed the snake coiled in the toilet.

Um, I would have the heebs forever after dealing with something like this and I don't even have Ophidiophobia or fear of snakes like some people do. I would never be able to pee in the dark in the middle of the night again, etc.

Excuse me while I shake the willies off!

Happy Friday everyone!



grammy mouse said...

no thanks , I'll pass....
I wonder if he has a conventional toilet or like many in Asian countries really just a "pit" hole dug in a covered area??? would like to see the photo ... as I am surprised it would still be there ....
strange world... Thank the Lord we have in-door plumbing ! I do remember having to use a 'pot' at night staying with my great grandmas' the outhouses were never fun!

Happy Friday to you , too !

no snakes, why snakes!!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Ugh, that gives me the chills. Blah! Thanks a lot! =)