Friday, May 8, 2009

Freaky Friday-barreleye fish

My Sister and I used to watch many of the undersea explorer shows growing up. Being completely amazed by the many different creatures that live in our oceans as well as being slightly creeped out! The deep water fish are a different animal and have vastly different in instinct, look, and ability.

The Macropinna is a deep sea fish that has a transparent head and tubular eyes. They can see at 360 degrees. Their bodies are that of a regular fish, dark and large fins to help them wade in the water. The common name for this fish is "barrel eyes" and they primarily sit motionless in the water, wading. They have large digestive tracts and some net-caught have had jellyfish fragments in their stomachs.

I say this one goes in the books as FREAKY. Life is often stranger than fiction.