Monday, April 6, 2009

Smarty Pants

Kai has been on this major kick with the It's Hip Hop baby! DVD. Seriously, that girl is addicted! It took her a time or two of watching it before she was hooked but, man I have to cut her off ha ha. We don't have cable right now so, it's taking place of PBS stuff that I would probably let her watch. Between the DVD and the fridge alphabet that I bought her for her Birthday, she is an ABC queen! She is really funny too because she sees signs for shops and writing on things and will say "A A G B W" whatever random letters so she recognizes letters and what they are.

Her pronunciation is off a little but, she is really getting strings of letters together and singing the ABC song with me more and more. I love that she is learning so much and she is only 27 months old. It's true that little ones are sponges. I know there are even two year old children out there that can recognize all their letters and numbers but, my girl is on her own pace and I'm excited that she's learning!

Kaia is also trying to count to 5 and then to 10. She is gets some confused of course. Numbers are fascinating right now as well. I'm pretty sure that by the time she hits preschool age she will know the stuff she needs to know. I know it's nothing exceptional, it's just always exciting to see your child grow and learn.