Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nvey Eco Makeup

I only recently heard about Nvey(na vay) makeup. I didn't know their background so I began doing some research. Their headquarters is based in Australia but, they are also in the U.S.. They are a company with years of experience in cosmetics as well as a company that is devoted to nature and beauty.

The Nvey cosmetics are made organic(certified Australian) and aren't tested on animals. They are made with natural ingredients and made in Australia, although they do have a base in the US as well. They were created after six years of research and testing and 46 years in the cosmetic industry. Their goal is to dispel the thought that "green" makeup doesn't perform well. Their claims are that they have a special production method that keeps the green aspect in tact while delivering high performance.

In a world that is severely toxic, it's nice when I get to try and purchase products that are good for the body and feed my desire to have beauty products as well. Almost everything we come into contact with is toxic anymore from the years of chemical additives and preservatives being put into our daily use soaps, cosmetics, and lotions.

Nvey uses ingredients like natural beeswax, sweet almond oil, vitamin C, Jojoba oil, and rose absolute. There are no parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances in their cosmetics and they can be purchased on a number of sites and in a number of stores.

I had a chance to try some of their samples of blush and eye shadow. The powder's are dense, rich in color, and smooth when applying. There's plenty of pigment in the darker eyeshadow and blush. I used them for a few days to get a feel of how they go on and how they stay on.

I received an off white, matte powder eyeshadow, a frost pale pink and a teal. I also received a Terra cotta colored blush. The blush is a little darker than I usually use so I put it on very lightly and still there was more pigment than I would've liked. A little went a long way for sure. I tried on the different shadows and even paired the pale pink with the teal to see how they layered. If you use a brush to apply your shadows, you're going to have to either layer the shadows or dab the powder on the lid or it will be very sheer. If you like sheer, especially in light colors then it will work great for you! The darker colored pigment I had no problem with as far as applying.

My lids tend to get oily throughout the day so I did have fading in the color. If you have lids like that, you may want to put a base of powder on your lid to make it last longer. Overall, I was pleased with the product. I had no reaction whatsoever, the powder is weightless and actually soothing on the lid. Even when it flaked as I was applying it, I had no irritation. I can honestly say, I would use this product again.


Anonymous said...

I use their Eco Erase as concealer. Loves it!