Thursday, April 9, 2009

Frecklebox Review

Have you heard of Frecklebox? Catchy name, right? I hadn't heard about it until I saw it on another blog. And once again, here's a plug for all the social media founders. They really knew what they were doing. Anyway, I contacted Mark(one of the founders) from Frecklebox and advised that I would love to review their product and find out what they're all about.

They were gracious enough to oblige and I received a soft bound book of my choice, very quickly I might add. The core of their business is to educate and entertain. They have created a line of personalized products for children to do just that.

I picked the softbound book, "My Name Is..." and had my daughter Kaia's name added. I opened the box immediately because well, I love getting packages and I really wanted to see what it looked like. The pages are high gloss and coated. The images are really amazingly crisp. I was not sure how my two year old would do with a softbound book but, the pages are really tough and so far no problems. The pictures they chose for this particular book are gorgeous. There's ocean, autumn, flowers, and a sunny blue sky day. The prices are very reasonable as the most expensive item they carry is $34.95.

The company was a hit with service, and truth be told many people that I have recently talked to have sung praises of their professionalism and personal attention. The product I received was a hit for both myself and my toddler. The only bummer? There's not enough merchandise to choose from. I am sure that will quickly remedy!


HollyB said...

cute... can't wait to see the book!

Gena said...

I love frecklebox! Thanks for this recommendation!

tara said...

Frecklebox is awesome! What a darling picture of your little girl!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

My very first win (or almost first, I guess) was a Frecklebox book for Logan. We have the zoo one. WE LOVE IT!!