Friday, April 3, 2009

Freaky Friday-Loin Cloths Ladies?

So what do you think ladies? Are you having a problem with tight fitting underwear and wedgies? Don't you hate the elastic pinching you from your bikini cuts and thong underwear. Well, a new fad is sweeping Asian nations as we speak.

A Japanese company is now making what they call the "ultimate women's liberation" garment, a loin cloth. It's selling for around $13 dollars and is released just in time for the hotter months. The makers say that it fits a variety of sizes and shapes, is more comfortable, and liberating. It used to be worn as traditional "underwear" for men.

I'm not sure about you but, when I think of women's lib, I certainly don't think about wearing a loin cloth. Women's liberation can include clothing if you're in an oppressed country but, this is not the case. Even Muslim women wear skimpy, sexy lingerie under their Jilbab. It's not like I want to go around with a big piece of fabric in the front of my crotch. Not to mention what it would look like under clothing. Just silly!

I will never understand trends in the fashion world. Some are just so ridiculous!


Elizabeth said...

Seriously? A loin cloth? That is the most ridiculous fashion-related trend I've ever heard of. Wow. Now I feel like I've heard everything.

Happy Friday! :)

Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Robib said...

That's it! I have heard everything. I wonder if it will become the next big thing if Angelina starts wearing one?? LOL!

Jeremy said...

Just wait till the leaf starts making a comeback.