Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eco.kid Product Review

Since it's earth day, I thought it was fitting that I would write about Eco.kid. I recently received some really lovely products to try out with my two year old daughter. I reviewed a package with TLC hypo-allergenic wash, Nourish daily conditioner and, Prevent daily shampoo.

First of all, the bottles are decorated with adorable, black and white pictures of children enjoying being themselves. The backgrounds are clean with simple colors and fonts. Eco.kid is made in Australia and uses certified organic ingredients. The ingredients are meant to be pure and made from indigenous, sustainable, and even wild plants.

The shampoo and conditioner I received smell like citrus oils and very fresh. The shampoo lathers fine with water and is gentle enough to use daily. The conditioner smells similar and helps with fine hair tangles. The best part? I thought it was amazing that the ingredients they used deter head lice! I know some people don't even think about it but, believe me, after you've worked with children that seem to be hair lice magnets, you tend to appreciate something this awesome! The body wash is very earthy and smells very much like I'm sitting in a field and smelling the greenery around me. It's creamy and doesn't lather, it's really nice on the skin. My daughter gets dry patches and mild eczema, so it works wonderfully on her without over drying.

Eco.kid's philosophy is that they would rather prevent than treat problems that are happening with our children. They want to make an earth sustainable product that is also good for our little ones. They want to prevent things like eczema from flaring, lice, and allergies. They want their packaging to be recyclable and their products to be as biodegradable as possible.

I really enjoyed learning more about this product and it didn't hurt that my daughter had a great experience with these products with her hair and skin. It's really educated me on "Eco-responsible" products and their effect on the planet and on the micro level, our children.