Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Apparently, that's all my two year old knows how to say lately. I honestly think she was a late bloomer in this aspect of toddler hood. Some friends and online friends of mine, have told me their children were saying it at a younger age.

I suspect my daughter will be O.C.D. on some level. She is technically a firstborn since her brother is 7 years older and lives with his mom. She is very particular about being clean and doesn't like to be dirty. She had a stomach virus last weekend and insisted on having a Kleenex, paper towel or baby wipe with her when she threw up. My kid is only 26 months old.

I ask her what she wants to try and give her some choices. I will give her a choice of certain things to eat, wear, etc. I have been hearing a lot of "No's" lately. Do you want to watch this? "no" Do you want to take a shower? "no". This is one of those phases that I could do without but, I understand that to a toddler, the world is their oyster and they want control!

I love that she is independent and strong willed because that can be used for so much good. It's my job as a first born, strong willed, independent mommy to teach her what's important in life and how to pick your battles.


The Jacobsen Family! said...

Isn't it fun?! =)

eastonsmom said...

You have to love that word! I will admit it's super cute when Easton walks around saying "no no no no no no...", but it's not so cute when its directed at you. At least when he turns 2 I'll know I'm not alone in the mommy battles I'll face :) Good luck with yours!

Felicia said...

Whew.. I am feeling your pain on this one!!