Friday, March 27, 2009

My Two Year Old Shaking Her Booty

I sang this song to her and danced with her a few days ago. Now, daily, she asks me to "shake booty" ha ha. She is such a funny girl. By the way, I used to shake my booty to the same song as a little girl. Think she's gonna take after me?



eastonsmom said...

That is so funny. Next time I want a video of mommy AND kaia dancing.

HollyB said...

what a goof! Zach and I got a kick out of watching it! Lexi started screaming and head bopping listening to it...I'm sure she'll be the next "booty shaker"!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

I'll have to play that one for my kids and see what happens! SO CUTE!
Ask Shell about this song... Were you there at the Hard Rock Cafe that one year we went after reunion? Was at least 10 years ago... She was crackin' me up dancing to this!

Melanie said...

yeah I was there. Her "big" dancing stint ha ha