Monday, March 2, 2009

Make Something Monday

I've been working on some new frames. Each of the new frames are hand painted and/or decorated and are done using recycled picture frames. I'm enjoying getting to use different techniques and textures, while still making them nice to look at and something that people would like as part of their decor.
The first frame is about a 5x7 in ceramic frame that I painted with a white enamel. I made some basic stencils for the "zebra" print and then brushed over the white with a turquoise. To add a little touch, I added an orange flower blossom to accent it.
The second frame was base painted with turquoise, dry brushed with an aqua, and then dotted with a leafy green and accented with orange flowers. All was hand painted. 8x10
The third frame is a 5x7 frame that was base painted with a bright orange, covered with crackle primer and then topped with the turquoise. Accented with a wooden motorcycle decorative piece.
One of these will be used to go to Bloggers Give on behalf of my etsy shop, KaiLei Designs! I'm so excited!


AnnD said...

I love the frames but I do believe I love the photo in the frames even more! ;O)