Thursday, March 5, 2009

Freaky Friday

Um, it has come to my attention that Barbie is now tattooed. What's that? Yep, tattooed. Where have I been? Apparently, Barbie comes with decorative stickers to "express herself" and a form of tattoo gun so kids can stick them on the doll and themselves?! Ha ha.

I'm only in my 30's and I feel extremely old and disillusioned by the toys of this generation. Keep in mind that Barbie is a child's toy. The Barbie of this generation dresses like a hoochie and can now "express" herself by tattooing her body. I'm sorry but, inking your body doesn't really land up there in my priority list of things I want to teach my daughter.
Yes, it's up to parent's to teach their children morals but, these days it makes it very difficult when it is shoved so blatantly down their throats at the store, by friends, commercials, billboards, computer, and you name it.


~Sandy~ said...

i did not even know that! what's next...a nose ring!?!? have a great weekend :O)

Jenna said...

I am covered in tattoos and um well, according to this post it seems to think those of us that are tattooed are "Less of parents"

Just because a child sees tattoos doesn't mean they are going to grow up with less morals or thinking oh my god I must have a tattoo because Mommy does.

If you don't like the toy, move on. If anything, I know my daughter will grow up not being judgemental of one's outside appearance.

Melanie said...

I don't care if people have tattoos, I DO care if a toy has tattoos. To each their own regarding body art but, I don't want my two year old playing with a toy that promotes it. I'm not sure where it was interpreted that people are less than good if they have body art. My frustration was directed toward a toy, not people.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

I agree. Barbie with tatoos is wrong and ridiculous. Do what you will with your body. Just dont put it on a toy that my child plays with.
I didn't feel you were saying people with tatoos were bad parents. I read nothing that implied that at all.
Speak on Mel!

Sarah said...

I have tattoos but I don't want my daughter's toys to have tattoos. I let my daughters have Barbies but draw the line at Bratz. How slutty do we need to make dolls these days?? We need to step back and realize they are LITTLE kids. Let them grow up without all the trash!

eastonsmom said...

I personally am not in favor of a toy promoting something I feel parents should be the ones teaching their kids about. Which in my opinion includes tatoos. If you want a tatoo that is your choice, but making a toy that makes it look like it's a good way to express yourself I don't like. Obviously I can choose not to buy one, but when it comes to kids toys they should be free from those kinds of messages. Adults can make up their own minds, but kids see something on a toy and usually decide it must be the cool thing to do. As a parent I want to be the one to teach my children what I believe is appropriate behavior, just like I'm sure all parents do.