Sunday, February 1, 2009

Skin MD-Review

Just about everyone knows that in winter our skin has a tendency to be dry, cracked, irritated, just plain rough! Here in AZ, we don't have the bitter cold to contend with like a lot of other states but, we do have DRY!

My daughter has mild eczema right now and I get terribly dry skin in the winter. I asked the skin MD company to send me a sample of their natural skin care lotion, because I had heard about it and wanted to try it out. I received my sample a few days ago and am already enjoying the benefits!

I put it on right away because I wanted to see how it felt. There is no colorant and are no perfumes. The lotion has the faintest, familiar scent of your other sunscreen related products. Immediately, my skin was soothed and that was a great feeling! I checked the ingredients on the back and the second ingredient was aloe. An awesome and quality ingredient!

The lotion is not super thick or greasy, goes on easily and rubs in relatively quickly. It contains an SPF 15, which makes it a perfect everyday lotion, especially for us out here in the desert. This lotion is also recommended for those who have eczema, psoriasis, and people that have dry, itchy skin from thyroid problems as well.

Overall, with the quality ingredients and lack of colorants and perfumes, this is a wonderful skin care product! It may take a few days for you to notice significant improvements, but you will see them!