Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Apartment Hating Part Deux

I know I have mentioned this before but, as it is warming up here in the Phoenix metro area, I feel the need to complain just a little more. The people below us are new. They've been here less than a month. The elderly woman and the little grand daughter she cares for are precious.

Something they cook for dinner, and for snack late at night, and for every meal of the day it seems, smells like DEATH! Garlic and onions and some kind of meat and blech! I think you get the picture. I no sooner open my door and get a waft of this odor that permeates every inch of my small apartment. Great! I close the door and suffer with now the stuffiness, warmth and an added scent that fills my apartment. Maybe I'm a little bitter since the apartment below us was vacant for a year before they moved in?

Next on the list, hmmm. Last night, or should I say early morning? Around 3 A.M. I woke up to my husband coming to bed and lots of voices coming from outside. Normally, that lasts only for a couple of minutes and then it's gone. Last night was another story. Apparently, the twenty something neighbor and his friends decided that drinking all night and hanging on the porch would be a great idea. I heard them talking and laughing until 6 A.M. when it got much louder.

GRRRRRR! My husband isn't bothered by much while he is sleeping but, I am. If I hear a bunch of talking or really loud anything, I'm gonna wake up. So at 6 A.M. I head out to my balcony after moving my fingers in the dark to look for my jacket and some shorts. I manage to put those on and go see what's going on. I look over the balcony and there they were having a deep discussion about baseball.

Me: It's now six in the morning and I have been listening to you since about three
Guy 1: *surprised* it's six? I'm so sorry I didn't know it was six already
Guy 2: sorry
Guy 3: *quiet*
Me: It's the middle of the night and you are in a courtyard and your voices are echoing
Guy 1: I'm sorry again
Guy 2: You wanna talk about baseball? ha ha
Me: No, I want you to be quiet please! *goes back to bed*

I can't wait until we move. Hubs says if we aren't in the process of buying or really close to signing papers by the end of our three month left of lease, we are renting a house.


eastonsmom said...

So obnoxious!!!

Jenn in AZ said...

Oh, ugh! I would HATE that!! You've got guts (aided by extreme exhaustion!) for that confrontation. I couldn't stand our apartment time, either. Loud, loud music all hours and blind neighbors who would steal our newspaper every morning?!?!?! Yeah, go figure...