Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today I'm Overwhelmed

I just have too much on my mind, I guess. We are looking into possibly being able to buy our first home and while I'm excited, I'm also frustrated. Frustrated because we won't have that much to spend and we may be out far from everyone we know and love. It won't be taxing to my husband who works many hours but, it will be for me. Part of it too is wanting to be able to have people over and to enjoy spending time with them, etc.

I'm frustrated emotionally too and some things have been bothering me. I know I need to rely on The Lord in these matters and that he will get me through. It's always hard waiting for answers and being at his feet. Not hard to lay up a burden but, difficult to be patient and difficult to see what's happening at times.

That said, I am excited for this new year. I'm excited to see some changes and am hopeful that many will be really good ones! I am reading my daily scriptures that many from my church are receiving by email. It's been nice to have that to look forward to.

I am hopeful that we will have another little one in our lives soon. I am praying that at the right time, we will be able to complete our family. I am hopeful that my blogging will pick up and that I may even be able to network some and do some contests and reviews here and there.

I hope everyone has a blessed year, good or bad. That you are able to see his plan for you and that you are content in all things!



Susan G. said...

Wanted to give you HUGS ! Everything will work out !

piece of me said...

We are in a similar situation with the house. But you just have to trust that everything will work out. :)

AnnD said...

It sounds like a year full of wonderful things ahead! There can be stress involved but it will make it all that much sweeter in the end! I hope we can both have baby bellies this year! Of course, Emma is on her 30th minute of screaming in her crib instead of napping and I'm not so worried about it! hehe

Melanie said...

thanks gals!

eastonsmom said...

I know waiting on God can be difficult at times. Especially for those of us, me included, who like to be in control and make plans. I will be praying for you and know that if you allow God's will to be done your family will be blessed!!