Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas is peeking it's head at me!

I cannot believe how fast this month has flown! I have been trying to figure out gifts, wrapping, food, etc. I know this is a busy month for all. We have been blessed this month because we were able to get caught up on all our bills AND have some money left for Christmas. That was exciting!

I can't believe it's just about hte 17th already. My baby girl will be two December 26th. How exciting and a little sad it is! She has grown in a blink of my eye. She is getting taller by the minute and her hair is finally growing, especially in the back. Her vocab has just leapt this last couple of months.(if that was a proper term for it haha)

I got to order something off etsy from my sweet hubby for Christmas. He never knows what to get me and forgets everything I say. We weren't even going to exchange this year but, things changed and we had a little money. I'm going to get him some cologne he ran out of and loves(yummy, me too!) It's been a blessed season this year! Friends and family and a little money too.

Now to finish all that wrapping and wrap my head around my daughter's Birthday party which I haven't even really thought of. EEK!


eastonsmom said...

That is good news, paying bills and Christmas presents too!

Nicole Feliciano said...

I've got a holiday baby too. Mine turns one on 1/1/09. Enjoy the holidays one at a time! Thanks for stopping by Momtrends and entering the contests!