Sunday, June 29, 2008

I don't post much

I know I don't and I'm pretty much the same way when I journal. I go through periods of time where I do and where I don't.

I have been ingesting as much info as possible to set up my own online business. I don't need a big one, just one that will supplement my income. I have had somewhat of an entrpreneurial spirit for awhile but, it just has never seemed feasible. I have been going to a site that has given so much FREE info from and for entrepreneurs and have loved diving in. I wasn't taught about money well by my parents and I have a high school education. I am intelligent and smart about plenty of things but, business and numbers aren't it!

I have done pretty well so far and am still in planning stages but, am ready to make my leap soon. We will see how it goes.

Kaia is 18 months old now. Time has passed so quickly. I know all mom's say that but, it really has. She isn't speaking english really but, understands basically everything. She acts like she is right on the verge and otherwise is a great communicator. She is a beautiful little girl with many charms and she has me wrapped! ;)

Otherwise I'm just plugging away, hoping to better my financial situation which will make my marriage and life a whole lot easier!


Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Glad to read an update about you and Kaia!

Have you looked into making money with your blog? There's tons of info out there about that.

Minilegs said...

yeah I's all affiliate stuff and I'm not sure I'm really into that. I wouldn't want it to be my personal blog either. I have done some research about it though and need to do more. I'm thinking more of a business like you only maybe doing my own website and link it to ebay or something...

Heather said...

Great to hear an update Mel! Not sure what your business idea is but I am sure you will get all your ducks lined in a row before you make that leap!
You know I wish you all the best.

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Very pretty new look! Much better than those snowflakes.

AnnD said...

Love the new pic on the top of the page!!! Good luck with your buisness ventures! Hope to read more as soon as you have time.